Sunday, April 2, 2017

Open DT Call for Spring/early Summer Term!

Happy Spring, everyone! The weather here is... confused. LOL Thursday we had 50 degrees, Saturday we had 10 inches of snow and today it was 50 again. We just celebrated my son's 21st birthday on Thursday as many of you know from taking advantage of the celebration sale! Thanks for that. I spent all day packing and shipping orders during the day and then went out for dinner (and his first legal beer) when he got out of work that night. I honestly can't believe he's TWENTY-ONE, such a milestone and it's weird having a man child. HA! Yesterday, we spent the snow day in pjs and doing nothing which was a welcomed change. Today, my husband took our younger son skiing and my daughter and I had a girls' day which was nice. We went out to breakfast, did a little shopping and saw Beauty & the Beast. That's the lowdown over my way. I hope you've all been enjoying the weather, your families, crafting, work or whatever makes you HAPPY! :)

With the change of seasons also comes the changing of the Design Team. We've loved having all of the newest members join us this past term and we hope you found their projects inspiring. We're looking for 5 new members to join our team for the upcoming term. See details below!

Please send us 3-5 samples of your most recent creations to Your samples can be cards, scrapbooking layouts and/or pocket style pages or any other paper crafting projects. If you've applied for the team before, PLEASE make sure you're sending NEW artwork. We'd also like links to your online galleries, blogs, YouTube channels, etc., anything that will give us an idea of what your creative style and abilities are. Please include if you are currently or have been on any other Design Teams in the past and tell us a little about yourself in a short bio. It is NOT necessary that you have been on any Design Teams, I have had quite a few newbies join our team and they've been a great addition!!!  

This is a 4 month commitment starting in May and going through August so if you love spring, summer, flowers, sunshine and rainbows... haha, this could be the term for you! You must be willing to create 4 projects per month with one blog post per week. Sometimes an additional project will be asked for and appreciated. We have a monthly mood board that we're trying to incorporate somehow so the extra project would likely be related to that. We do ask that you be exclusive to the online shop for Design Team work. You can design for manufacturers, blogs, kit clubs, etc., but we would appreciate it if you stuck with our online shop only for the 4 month term. We are always trying to expand and gain new customers as growth is mandatory for a small business so sharing links to the shop is required at a minimum of 3 times a week via various social media outlets. This is a BIG part of the DT's job and we appreciate you helping us get the word out. You can post links to your own blog posts, projects shared on FB/IG, a teammates fabulous creation, your favorite current products, sales, etc. There is ALWAYS something to share and again, a main part of the "job".

In return for your creations and promotion, you will get $30.00 worth of FREE product each month. In addition, you will also get a 25% discount to use as much as you'd like throughout the term. The shop is FULL of fabulous products with more coming in regularly!

If it sounds like a good opportunity for you, please send us your application!!! The deadline is April 16, 2017. We will go over all the applications and choose the best fit for the shop shortly after. Thank you again for the continued support. I wouldn't be here without you and you are appreciated.



  1. Hi, sounds interesting. I only have one question. Does it mean we must only use and publicise your products during the four months of the DT term and cannot use products from other companies, even when we are not posting for your company? Thanks. Gwendolyn

  2. Just submitted my application! LOL! Almost missed the deadline! Good luck to all <3 I'm glad I don't have to pick the new members--- I know just how hard that can be! <3