Monday, February 19, 2018

MFT 2018 Creative Olympics card making frenzy!

Hi guys!

It’s is I, Erica, the glutton for punishment, on the BRI blog today. You might wonder what that refers to and I will get to that right this minute: The Olympics. Not the sporting event, no. I’m talking about this:

There are four events for this and the deadline is later today, Monday 19th of Feb. For my card for today I decided to participate inMFT 2018 Creative Olympics | Event #4 - Speed Cardmaking. Oh boy... I really, really do not know why I do this to myself... Way back in the day when I was at school, I used to put off assignments using the argument that I work better under pressure. It was a load of rubbish back then and it certainly is a load of rubbish now! The only speed events I take part in these days are cake eating and manic cleaning 10 mins before someone is coming over..! 

Well, anyway, I went ahead with my bad idea BUT thought I’d at least come up with a design for the card before I pressed the ‘start’ button on my stopwatch. I do not have a proper stopwatch, I for some reason, feel the need to point out here. I used the one on my phone. 

I grabbed the Celebrate dienamic, some Stitched speech bubble dienamics, some MFT patterned paper, the Bitty Bears stamp and dienamic set, the Hot Cocoa Cups dienamics and a coffee stamp set. I originally thought maybe I’d cut out a cup and make it pretty with a pattern and the speech bubble would have a sentiment stamped on it from the coffee set and make it look like the cup is saying whatever I would stamp on the speech bubble. Sounds pretty cute, doesn’t it? I didn’t end up doing that. Instead I stamped up the bear with the balloon from the Bitty Bears set in Memento Tuxedo Black ink and then sprinkled clear embossing powder on it, which I set with my heat gun. 

Getting my Zig Clean Color markers out, I quickly coloured him in and was already down to 14 mins left...! I know time flies when you are having fun but come on!! The sweat beads started to pop up on my forehead at this point.

In an attempt to be efficient with all the diecutting, I did the bear, the speech bubble and the Celebrate word dienamic one after the other and set aside. Down to 11 mins already. More sweat! 

The patterned paper I picked comes from a pack called Painted Prints Citrus and as I had coloured the bear’s balloon blue, I picked a yellow polka dot paper to create a nice contrast. The speech bubble is cut out of light grey card stock and the Celebrate is in MFT Brushed Gold card stock. Once I had the patterned paper adhered to my card base, I was somehow already down to 5 minutes! 

Using the Mini MISTI to make sure I got a clear and crisp stamp when I added ‘Happy Birthday’ to the speech bubble so the sentiment says ‘Celebrate, Happy Birthday’, I didn’t have time to waste as it was literally ticking down towards 0 quickly! 

Slapping on foam tape like a madwoman I adhered the speech bubble and the bear, then reached for my Glossy Accents to use to adhere the Celebrate word when DISASTER!! It was clogged!! Nooooooo... I seriously jabbed my tweezers into the spout like I was injecting someone having an allergic reaction with an epi pen!

It is fair to say I did not add it evenly to the back of the word but there was no time! If you look closely, you can see that there are bits not glued down at all BUT I finished with 7 seconds to spare! SEVEN SECONDS!!! Phew! I worked up a bit of a sweat and what felt like actual heart palpitations during this event but I did it. Whoever said crafting doesn’t count as cardio has a screw loose and I’d dare them to smell my arm pit right now! LOL!

Ok, I need a shower and to rehydrate. Maybe a muscle massage to help me recover quickly? I'll deal with the craftermath tomorrow I think, I'm too tired after all that to clean up tonight.

Have a great week and I hope you like my Speed Making card! 19 minutes and 53 seconds on the clock. I’m rather impressed myself to be honest. Just to see, I also timed how long it took me to write this up and the timer has just hit 32 minutes, and that is just the writing part, not linking products, adding photos etc. Less impressed with that...

Happy crafting from Erica 

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  1. was exciting to read the frenzy that lasted 19 mins and 53 sec !! Lovely card :)